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Steve - Profile
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Stephen is a local entrepreneur, who owns a successful building company. He has over 25
years experience in the building trade, starting out as an apprentice Slater/Plasterer when he
was 16. Stephen engages in all aspects of the business, working on site, project managing and
managing his team of ten staff.


As the building trade is mainly a male orientated space, Stephen sees the value of improving his workforce’s knowledge of mental health issues and how in starting conversations around mental health, can help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Stephen believes that educating his staff is the key to improving their well-being.


When reflecting on his own experiences in the building trade, and working alongside others who have struggled with their mental health, Stephen wanted to share his experiences and knowledge with others and by being part of Learn to Be, this enables him to share his passion within the training room.

Stephen is a valued part of the Learn to Be team due to his passion for understanding mental
health issues in the workplace. Stephen has experience of providing an understanding ear to
employees and colleagues, and brings these qualities to the delivery of his training sessions.

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